Facing the Future in VR

Join us for an interactive, and ground-breaking session in which we will show-case and explore cutting edge, Sydney-based research that explores the human side of Virtual Reality technology.


[images show fully digital, real-time rendered Digital Mike Avatar – click for high res images]

Have you ever wondered why Siri does not have a face? What if she did?

What if you had a personal assistant that not only had a personality but looked you in the eye and sensed your emotions?

It is likely we will soon see a growth in cognitive agents – some with very real human-like faces. This session will give you a glimpse of that brave new world today.

Using the very latest advanced computer simulations, face AI mapping and rendering technology, we seek to explore the commercial and ethical issues of giving technology a face.

Come face the future with us in this special DDRG exclusive event, as Mike Seymour showcases “Digital Mike” for the first time in Australia, after its premier a few weeks ago at the SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles.

ACO Virtual


A creative collaboration with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, ACO Virtual is a world-first interactive video experience.

Michela Ledwidge and MOD productions have been allowing audiences and visitors step ‘inside’ a performance of the ACO, and experience an immersed in a 360-degree experience, surrounded by the musicians. Currently touring Australia, the installation is flexible enough to be staged in various venues including galleries or museums. Inside the installation fifteen ACO musicians appear as projections on walls or screens, while each musician’s sound is heard from the direction of their image. Michela will discuss the project and offer a personal VR view on the project.